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Embroidery Club Thread Box

  • $150.00

This listing is for members of the Pintuck and Purl Embroidery Club starting in January 2024. This thread box will include all 23 colors of thread needed for months 1 - 6 of the club, as well as the OESD thread box to house them all and keep you organized! The thread colors included are listed below:Â

0015 White
0020 Black
0105 Ash Mist
0108 Cobblestone
0138Â Heavy Storm
0150 Mystik Grey
0352Â Marsh
0506 Yellow Bird
0520 Daffodil
0605 Daisy
0904Â Spanish Gold
1154Â Penny
1332 Harvest
1730 Persimmon
2155 Pink Tulip
2224 Claret
3620 Marine
3722 Empire
3820 Celestial
3951 Azure
4740Â Aquamarine
5115Â Baccarat Green
6043Â Yellowgreen

Due to the number of included items, we cannot make substitutions to the colors listed above.Â