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We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions to get you sewing on your new machine! If you need more help, always feel free to call or stop in!


If your machine is making a whirring noise...
This is most likely your bobbin winder that has been engaged. Look at the top right hand side of your machine if the bobbin winder is pushed to the left, seat this back in its position to the right. The whirring noise should stop immediately.


If a tiny screw has fallen onto the area around your presser foot...
This is most likely a tiny screw from the back of one of your presser feet. Each presser foot comes with one or two screws loosely placed in the back of the foot to hold on the optional seam gauge. You can either screw these in tighter so they don’t fall out while you’re sewing, or take them all out and save them in a safe place.


If your machine is showing gears on the screen...
The gears message means that something is preventing the mechanism of the machine from moving. Carefully take out the bobbin and hook, remove any extra threads, lint, or pieces of broken needles and replace the hook and bobbin. Touch the green checkmark.


If your machine is showing the error message "#1010: Main Sync Drive Error"...
This error message means that there is something caught in the bobbin area. As above, remove the bobbin, and hook, as well as the stitch plate, presser foot, and needle. Clean out any tiny lint balls or pieces of thread. If you have recently broken a needle, make sure that there are no tiny bits of needle in the hook mechanism.


If you are on a 7-series machine and the touchscreen isn't responding to where you are touching...
You may need to re-calibrate your touchscreen. If this is only a small amount out of sync, you can utilize the following steps to get to the recalibration screen:

  1. Touch the Settings gears
  2. Touch the Sewing Machine Icon
  3. Touch the icon that looks like a rectangle
  4. Using your stylus or a capped pen, select the dots as they move around the screen.
If the screen isn’t recognizing where you are selecting at all, you can do an automatic recalibration by following the steps below:
  1. Turn off your machine
  2. Turn on your machine while holding the needle right and left buttons down at the same time. Do not let go of these buttons until you see a blank screen with a dot.
  3. Using your stylus or a capped pen, select the dots as they move around the screen.


Still have a question? Learn more about service/repair, or contact us with your question!