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BERNINA by the Sea FAQ

BERNINA by the Sea

Do I have to stay at the hotel?
Most people are staying on-site to enjoy free time together! We highly encourage staying at the Wentworth so you can benefit from all activities and hotel amenities. The pool, oh my goodness. It's indoors and amazing. And only guests can enjoy it. We hope you enjoy it -- and other fun things -- with us!

Do I need to bring my machine?
Not at all. We supply all of the machines for the weekend!

Are all supplies really provided?
If you have a favorite pair of scissors that you just can't sew without, bring those! Otherwise, yes, all supplies will be provided. 

Can I (or should I) bring a project with me?
If you have a handwork project that you're working on, there will be time to socialize and enjoy small projects. The sewing machines will not be available after or between class times.

When does earlybird pricing end?
The retreat is $949 and will increase to $1,149 late this summer.

Are spa treatments included in the event ticket?
Spa treatments are at your own discretion and not included in your event ticket.

Can I share a room?
Definitely! Single kings and double queens are available.

I saw Wentworth is with the Opal Collection now. Can I use Marriott points? 
While it's true that in early 2023, Wentworth by the Sea was purchased by Opal, Pintuck & Purl signed a contract while it was still a Marriott property. This means that you CAN use your Marriott points; they have promised to honor them for our event.

What if it snows?
This event will happen regardless of weather. While we're crossing our fingers for warmer weather, the Wentworth is fully capable of hosting large events in inclement conditions.

What is the age requirement for this event?
This event is for ages 16+.

Can my partner/spouse tag along?
Of course! If they plan to enjoy any part of the actual event (classes, meals, etc.), you need to purchase an additional ticket. There is no family or bulk pricing for BERNINA by the Sea at this time. However, if your partner/spouse will just be enjoying The Wentworth with you, there's no need to purchase a second ticket.

How should I dress/pack?
Please pack comfortable clothes for your time at BERNINA by the Sea. We have no dress code for our sit-down dinners, either, but we encourage attendees to dress to the nines – and even show off favorite handmade garments!

Can I get a refund?
Seats for special events and master classes are non-refundable. They may, however, be transferred to someone else. If you're unable to attend, please notify us immediately as we may have a waitlist. If not, it's the attendee's responsibility to find someone to take their spot.


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