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Fabric Apparel

All yardage is sold by the yard.

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  1. Adele Canvas - Navy
  2. Black Sparkle Textured
  3. Black-ish Green Velvet
  4. Bronze Embroidered Sequined
  5. City Guide Black Unbleached Canvas
  6. City Guide Natural Unbleached Canvas
  7. Dark Green/Black Floral Damask
  8. Harvest Moon Navy Unbl Canvas
  9. Kumo Gray Canvas
  10. Liberty Tana Lawn Betsy P
  11. Liberty Tana Lawn Chamomile C
    Sold Out
  12. Liberty Tana Lawn Chatsworth Garden B
  13. Liberty Tana Lawn Fairytale C
  14. Liberty Tana Lawn Gatsby Garden Small A
    Sold Out