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Embroidery Club Month 1

All orders will be given 15% off if ordered before January 5th, discount will be applied automatically in cart to items in collection. You will be given what you need for class of the stabilizers in your kit, but if you would like extra to have for your stash, order below. 

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  1. 0138 Heavy Storm Isacord Thread
  2. 0150 Mystik Grey Isacord Thread
  3. 0506 Yellow Bird Isacord Thread
  4. 0520 Daffodil Isacord Thread
  5. 0904 Spanish Gold Isacord Thread
  6. 1730 Persimmon Isacord Thread
  7. 2155 Pink Tulip Isacord Thread
  8. 4740 Aquamarine Isacord Thread
  9. 5115 Baccarat Green Isacord Thread
  10. Embroidery Tape
  11. Perfect Embroidery Press Cloth
  12. Schmetz 5 Embroidery Needles 75/11
  13. Ultra Clean and Tear Plus 15in x 10 yds