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Buttons/Snaps/Woven Labels

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  1. Foot #18, Button Sew-On
  2. Foxy Brown XL (1.25)
  3. Irregular Square: Sea Glass (.81")
  4. The Marquis XL (1.25)
    Sold Out
  5. Sew in Labels Red Heart LP182 Sarah Hearts#1
  6. Sew in Labels Colorful Handmade LP104 Sarah Hearts
  7. Sew in Labels Made By Me LC151 Sarah Hearts#1
  8. Sew in Labels Notions And Tools LP143 Sarah Hearts#1
  9. Sew in Labels Colorful Handmade LP101 Sarah Hearts#1
  10. Lemon Transparent Circle (.59)
  11. Vintage Pearl Circle (.59)
  12. Vintage Black Pearl Circle