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4 Inch x 8 Inch Omnigrid Ruler

  • $16.50

The Omnigrid 4 x 8 ruler with 1/8 grid is excellent for miniature quilts and for scrapbooking.
In general, Omnigrid rectangle rulers are used for cutting strips and trimming fabric edges during quilt making or when executing a variety of sewing and fabric craft projects
Use with a rotary cutter or a straight-edge blade
The 4 x 8 ruler has the following standard Omnigrid features:
1/8 grid markings for drafting and cutting
Multiple degree angle lines for easy pivot of 30º, 45º and 60º cuts
Edge markings for accurate measuring
Laser cut edges for smooth, deep cutting
Patented double-sight lines that show up on light and dark fabrics
Heavy-duty durable acrylic material
Left- and right-hand numbering and angle system