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Pintuck Perks 2021 FAQ

Why have an annual program?

We spent time researching various loyalty programs offered by similar stores and decided on the new Pintuck Perk program. It allows us to launch once with a full description of the various coupons, offers and specials providing you with the ability to look ahead at what you may want to shop for and when. You have more flexibility to plan and create!!

I was a VIP am I going to pay more for the Pintuck Perks program, what is the value in doing that?

The VIP Program was $15/month ($180.00 annually) whereas the Pintuck Perks is $199.00/year. The new program provides 12 coupons, 3 free shipping vouchers, birthday month coupon and 5 Saturday sale days giving you a value of $450.00 or more. Not to mention the very cool launch gift!

Can I use more than one coupon in a day?

No, they can only be used once a day EITHER online or in-store. BUT! You can use them one a day, each day until your coupons are gone! These coupons are not combinable with other specials, they are stand-alone.

What if I am not local or only local for half the year?

This will work out better! You can set your own schedule and all the coupons will be applicable online as well. We are still working on getting everything that is here in the shop online (which is quite a beast!), AND adding in new product as it arrives!

When do we receive the coupons and free gift?

All coupons/online codes will be sent out January 1st 2021. The gifts are being custom made for us and we are estimating to have the first batch arrive mid January, with another batch coming early February.