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For those who create.

  • 9 mm stitch width for decorative stitches
  • Jumbo bobbin for fewer interruptions
  • Convenient Automatic Thread Cutter
  • Adjustable tension for perfect stitches
  • Easy threading saves you time

Power, speed, perfection and ease.

The BERNINA 480 includes a built in thread cutter. Threads are cut automatically and the needle lifts leaving your hands free to keep on creating as easily and quickly as you like. You will get more room for all kinds of projects. Give yourself more freedom with the slide-on extension table, spacious and hassle free and included with the machine. The extended free-arm offers 7 inches right of the needle and allows plenty of room for projects, quilts and all kinds of creativity.

The 480 has adjustable pressure foot pressure. Thin fabrics? Increase pressure. Thick materials? Reduce pressure. Sew a variety of materials with ease. The basic setting can be individually adjusted, ensuring the ideal pressure is always used for whatever fabrics and materials you choose.

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