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Jan 23 Clearance Sale

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  1. *PREORDER* All New England Shop Hop Magazine
  2. Visual Quilting Vocabulary with Pat Delaney
  3. Machine Applique PM Session with Pat Delaney
  4. Machine Applique AM Session with Pat Delaney
  5. Spirited Sun-Kissed
  6. The Dreamer Peapod
  7. Good Fortune Iris
  8. The Optimist Marigold
  9. Renewal Honeydew
  10. Fancy Squirrel Goldenrod
  11. Reading Nook Galaxy
  12. Chamomile Goldenrod
  13. Reading Nook Soft Aqua
  14. Powder Shell
  15. Heirloom Florals Watercress
  16. Tea Time Soft Aqua
  17. Meow Meow Cream Soda
  18. 06/09 Color Theory and G's Custom Shopping
  19. Holiday Wovens Wolf
  20. Holiday Wovens Daisy
  21. Holiday Woven Natural
  22. Boardwalk Stripe Dusk