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Holiday fabric

Holiday fabric to inspire every cold-weather project.

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  1. Washi Tape Navy
  2. Octolights Blue
  3. Snow Babies Dark Ruby
  4. Washi Tape Buttercream
  5. Octolights Honey Metallic
  6. Ski Slope Scenic White
  7. Skating Celebration Ice
  8. Assorted Ski Accessories Blue
  9. Letters to Santa Santa Red
  10. Opening Presents Mint Green Me
  11. Christmas Countdown Panel
  12. Snowfall Grey
  13. Menagerie Champagne Red Metallic
  14. Starry Night Cream Metallic
  15. Tossed Skiers
  16. Lined Up Skis Red
  17. Etoile Gold Mtlc
  18. Etoile Copper Mtlc