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Carolyn Friedlander

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Quilting Cotton
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  1. Blueprint in Orchid
  2. Linear Blocks in Stone
  3. Angled in Spice
  4. Blueprint in Crocus
  5. Blueprint in Mint
  6. Grid in Metallic Meringue
  7. Tartan Single Border in Metallic Brown
  8. Flora in Metallic Bright
  9. Waterlillies in Green
  10. Sharp Shadow in Blue
  11. Tree Shadow in Navy
  12. Tartan Single Border in Metallin Black
  13. Linear Blocks in Blue
  14. Linear Blocks in Navy
  15. Studio Scissors in Eggshell
  16. Studio Scissors in Stone
  17. Studio Scissors in Ice Peach
  18. Tartan Single Border in Green
  19. Tartan Single Border in Roasted Pecan
  20. Waterlillies in Cantaloupe
  21. Flat Shadow in Acid Lime
  22. Sharp Shadow in Yellow
  23. Tree Shadow in Green
  24. Wall Tile in Green