February 01, 2017


Hooray!  Today we show off the beautiful color and stitch definition of our newest yarn line, Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock Yarn.  And what better way than with the “Ishbel" pattern from Ysolda Teague?  This particular pattern has been made over over 13,000 times (and growing) on Ravelry with good reason. I can happily report that resident sample knitter, Jenny, was instantly smitten with the well-written pattern and the Tough Love sock yarn.

Ishbel Scarf Pintuck and Purl

Jenny knitted the shorter version which only required one skein of the soft color-saturated yarn.  She said the pattern was really fun to knit, which is a ringing endorsement for lace work, which can sometimes be tear-inducing - not so this time around!

I love the size of the small version, which is pretty versatile in how you can style it. For the outside shots we went with simple front styling, since I was only able to tolerate shorts bursts of time on a sub-zero winter day. Brrrrr! We tried some more detailed styles when we came inside - where it was WAY warmer. I really feel this is an all-year pattern and can't wait to steal borrow this from the shop in the summer for a nice evening wrap or in the autumn months to keep the chill off.

Have you worked with Sweet Georgia before? We were so happy when it finally arrived in the shop. Hand-dyed in Vancouver, this stunningly rich yarn boasts a hefty yardage of 425 yards. As I mentioned before, the stitch definition on this 3-ply superwash merino and nylon blend is fantastic. Even though it is touted for socks it is the perfect base for many other exciting patterns like cardigans, shawls and sweaters. We have twenty of their amazing colors to chose from. Jenny used the color way Ginger for the sample. Simply lovely.

Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock Ginger

 Have you noticed, but the way, how amazing the pics are for this post? I’m kicking off a few new trends with this particular blog post... First, there will be more frequent posts. Not crazy, but there are a lot of fun events and new stuff coming up.  I'll be talking about them a lot in the shop- but I can’t tell you ALL in person - so this will be a nice way to share. Second, I’ve begun a super-fun collaboration with a dear friend of mine (who I have known for over twenty years.) Ashley Shea, of Ashley Shea Photography has a magical touch behind the lens - she took all of these photos and I am thrilled with how they look. So, get ready to see a lot more of my mug, but I promise Ashley will always make it pretty for you.

It is a new year, or...a new month and we are off to a good start.

Interested in the yarn or pattern? Come down to the shop and grab them!

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