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Key Fob Instructions

1 Key Fob Kit Includes:

Cotton Webbing
Key Fob End Tip
Key Ring


  1. Center ribbon on webbing and secure in place with wonder clips or fabric glue.
  2. Stitch the ribbon down on both sides. Sometimes a walking foot can help if you have ribbon slippage.
  3. Fold webbing in half with ribbon side up. Even up ends by trimming any excess ribbon or webbing to make sure that both are even with each other. Stitch the raw edges together with 1/4” seam allowance. This will keep ends from shifting when applying the end tip.
  4. Optional: You can use fray check on the ends to clean up any ragged edges, but the edges will mostly be hidden inside the end tip.
  5. Clamp key fob end tip over the raw edge of the webbing/ribbon with pliers. Use a cloth to prevent scratching the hardware. Make sure you crimp the hardware securely to the webbing.
  6. Pry open the ring (using a screwdriver is helpful!) and slip it onto the hook of the key fob. 
  7. Woohoo! You are finished!

Admire your new key fob!!