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About Camp BERNINA

Do I have to stay at the hotel?
No, but we hope you do!

Do I need to bring my machine?
Nope! We supply all of the machines for the weekend. You'll be sharing a machine with a partner for each class. 

Are all supplies really provided?
If you have a favorite pair of scissors that you just can't sew without, bring those! Otherwise, yes, all supplies will be provided. 

Can I get a refund?
Seats for special events and master classes are non-refundable. They may, however, be transferred to someone else. If you're unable to attend, please notify us immediately as we may have a waitlist. If not, it's the attendee's responsibility to find someone to take their spot.

Can I (or should I) bring a project with me?
If you have a handwork project that you are working on, there will be time to socialize and work on small projects. The sewing machine rooms will not be available after or between class times.

What is the Show & Tell?
We're so excited about this! a Show & Tell on the first night to introduce everyone. You can bring a project you're proud of and show it off while getting to know your fellow event attendees. Quilt, mittens, garments, or whatever else you've made is fair game.

What is Frocktails? Do I have to dress up? 
"Frocktails" is a term used in the sewing community to refer to an event where you can meet other makers in the area, see them wearing handmade items, and show off your own handmades! If you need an excuse to start working on an ambitious garment project, this is it! If you have that perfect garment that you've only worn once, this is your chance to reprise it! Don't sew clothes? No problem! Wear what makes you comfortable.

Are masks required?
We're currently following CDC Mask Guidelines for Rockingham County based on the information here. Please check mask guidance prior to attending. Please do not attend if you feel ill.