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VIP Membership


Join our VIP Membership!

We wanted to create a way for you to step behind the velvet rope and become part of our inner circle! For a VIP Membership of $15.00 a month you will have access to the following:

  • Special Sales: Being part of our exclusive club means that you will get an array of exclusive specials and discounts. We even have a sweetener for you and offer you items that are usually not included in our regular sales. Yes, that means Liberty of London! 
  • Members-Only:  We will have events throughout the year that have a member-only guest list or a special deal for members. Not local? Don’t worry, we have some virtual events up our sleeve as well.
  • First in Line: You will have first access to the most requested items before they are live to the rest of the public! As a VIP member, you will be first in line to hear about our new products, classes and events. 

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