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  1. Schmetz 5 Embroidery Needles 75/11
  2. StabilStick Tear Away 15" x 10yd
  3. Embroidery Needles Sharps #75/11 (10/pk)
  4. Perfect Embroidery Press Cloth
  5. Sew in Labels Made By Me LC151 Sarah Hearts#1
  6. Schmetz Costume Combo 9-Pack
  7. Heavy Duty Snaps Antique Brass
  8. Heavy Duty Snaps Gunmetal
  9. Needle Book 40ct Pink Marlene 98804 Bohin#1
  10. Needle Book 40ct Blue Solange
  11. Needle Book Asstorted 20ct Red Fish
  12. Needle Book Asstorted 20ct Curiosity
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  16. Folding Seam Ripper
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